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Founded in 2018, BRE Global Ireland specialises in providing comprehensive CE Marking services and certification. We offer expertise in CE certification for products under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) and Marine Equipment Directive (MED).

The CE mark and European standards are recognised globally, often serving as prestigious benchmarks and providing commercial benefits to compliant products.

As a trusted Technical Assessment Body, BRE Global Ireland assists clients with innovative products that do not conform to existing harmonised standards. We provide an alternative route to CE marking through European Assessment Documents (EADs) and European Technical Assessments (ETAs), developed by the European Organisation for Technical Approvals (EOTA). These routes allow for the creation of new standards or the assessment of non-standard products.

EADs offer the same legal standing as the traditional hEN route for CE marking. As EOTA members, BRE Global Ireland offers full support throughout the application process, ensuring a seamless journey from inception to certification.

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What is the CE Mark?


The affixation of a CE Mark to a product is a declaration to the end-user that a product has met the requirements of European standards. Coupled with the Declaration of Performance (DoP), this allows end-users to determine the performance of a product and compare this with other products under a common technical approach.


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The benefits of CE Certification

  • Constancy of performance
  • Ability to sell the product in any country of the European Internal Market
  • Health & Safety
  • Encourages continual improvement of manufacturing processes
  • Widely recognised outside the EU as a benchmark

Routes to CE Marking

In cases where a client has developed an innovative product but may not be able to gain the CE mark under an existing EN standard, a new route known as an EAD has been opened up.

This provides the facility whereby an entirely new standard can be developed and it can lead ultimately to the award of the CE mark.

BRE Global Ireland are very active in this area, and we welcome enquiries from parties that are interested in gaining the CE mark for innovative solutions.

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What are Construction Products Regulation?

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) encompass a series of directives established by the European Union (EU) that are applicable to construction products traded or distributed within the EU single market.

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What is the Marine Equipment Directive?

To ensure the safety of equipment used on ships, the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) requires that products be accredited with the Wheelmark symbol. Once a product is approved, safety certificates are issued by member states of the European Union or their authorised representatives.

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INAB Accreditation

BRE Global Ireland is accredited to ISO 17065. This accreditation was awarded by INAB, who audit BREGI annually in early March. Each audit focuses on different aspects of the accreditation standards, as well as a general overview of ongoing activities.

EC Notification

The successful maintenance of our accreditation is critical to maintaining our EC notification. Our EC notification is effectively our license to trade.

Product Testing

Testing can be managed through BRE Global Ireland via accredited laboratory

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Please note that as of January 1st, 2023, BRE Global Ireland has withdrawn accreditation for ISO 17020 directive (TPED) so any certificates related to that directive no longer valid.

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BRE Global Ireland is based on the DCU Alpha Innovation Campus in Glasnevin. Our team consists of a staff of 16, across the areas of certification, administration, management, and the Board of Directors.

Alberto Gutierrez

Position: Project Manager
Email: [email protected]
Categories: BREGI Team

Before I joined BRE Global Ireland, I developed my career in Administration and Customer Service at different companies in Madrid and Dublin, but it was in my last job when I started a new path that has defined my future expectations. I started working in Project Management in an environmental company based in DCU Alpha and I have brought this experience with me to BRE where I feel in the right place to keep improving my skills in an innovative construction environment.

Alberto Gutierrez

Project Manager

Before I joined BRE Global Ireland, I developed my career...

Alan Turvey

Position: Certification Engineer – Passive
Email: [email protected]
Categories: BREGI Team

I have worked in testing and certification since 2000. Initially, fire testing to BS & EN standards, before joining the BRE Global (UK Office) in 2016. I moved into certification in 2017 as a certification manager for the cables team, responsible for the UK and International clients, managing cable certification projects from initial inquiry to final project sign-off.
I moved to BRE Global Ireland in 2019 as Certification Engineer for Passive and have continued to develop my role, focusing on the management and undertaking of EU-related Notified Body certification activities.

Alan Turvey

Certification Engineer – Passive

I have worked in testing and certification since 2000. Initially,...

Lucia Slogar

Position: Operations Manager
Phone: +353 (1) 882 4344
Email: [email protected]
Categories: BREGI Team

Before joining BRE, I had the privilege of serving in various office management and administrative roles in both Zagreb and Dublin.
In my previous position as an Office Manager at BRE, I diligently oversaw a wide range of responsibilities. From handling administrative duties to managing finances, I ensured that operations ran smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, I had the opportunity to delve into certain phases of project management.
At present, I am serving as the Operations Manager, undertaking additional responsibilities. In this role, I am responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the organisation. This includes managing a team, optimising processes, and ensuring that we meet our operational goals. It’s an exciting and challenging role that allows me to broaden my skills and take on new challenges, further enhancing my professional growth and expertise.
Looking ahead, I am filled with excitement and curiosity to see what the future brings.

Lucia Slogar

Operations Manager

Before joining BRE, I had the privilege of serving in...

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