TAB scope

Area code Product area
1 Precast normal / lightweight / autoclaved aerated concrete products
2 Doors, windows, shutters, gates and related building hardware
3 Membranes, including liquid applied and kits (for water and/or water vapour control)
4 Thermal insulation products. Composite insulating kits/systems
9 Curtain walling / cladding / structural sealant glazing
10 Fixed fire fighting equipment (fire alarm/detection, fixed firefighting, fire and smoke control and explosion suppression product)
13 Structural timber products/elements and ancillaries
14 Wood based panels and elements
15 Cement, building limes and other hydraulic binders
16 Reinforcing and prestressing steel for concrete (and ancillaries). Post tensioning kits
17 Masonry and related products. Masonry units, mortars, and ancillaries
21 Internal & external wall and ceiling finishes. Internal partition kits
25 Construction adhesives
26 Products related to concrete, mortar and grout
31 Power, control and communication cables
34 Building kits, units, and prefabricated elements
35 Fire stopping, fire sealing and fire protective products. Fire retardant products

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