What is an EAD?

Together with the ETA, the EAD provides a pathway for manufacturers to obtain CE marking for construction products that are not, or not completely, covered by a harmonised European standard (hEN) under the Construction Products Regulation (EU) 305/2011. This CE marking allows manufacturers to market their products freely within the European Economic Area, Switzerland, and Turkey.

EADs offer numerous advantages to construction product manufacturers. Find out more here.


Stage designation

Who is involved?

1 ETA request Manufacturer & BRE Global Ireland
2 Consultation of work and assessment programme and contract between TAB and manufacturer BRE Global Ireland, EOTA
3 Agreed final work programme & information to the European Commission (EC) Manufacturer & BRE Global Ireland & EOTA
4 EAD drafting Manufacturer & BRE Global Ireland & EOTA
5 Adoption of draft EAD Manufacturer & BRE Global Ireland & EOTA
6 Extensions and delays for the finalisation of EU legislative procedures, where relevant European Commission, Standing Committee on Construction (SCC), Council, European Parliament
7 EAD adoption EOTA & European Commission
8 Issuing of ETA and publication of reference of final EAD in Official Journal of the European Union BRE Global Ireland & EOTA & European Commission



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